TESAR - transformers

TESAR - (Cast resin power transformers ). The company was founded in 1979 and as the first in Italy to use new technology for the production of power transformers cast resin. After 1986, production expanded portfolio of instrument transformers. To cover costumer demands company also pruduce quality oil transformers.


1) cast resin transformers till 20MVA and 36kV

2) oil transformers ( hermetic and with conservator ) till 10MVA and 36kV

3) indoor instrumental transformers of current and voltage - CTs and VTs


Manufactured profile 


Cast resin or dry epoxy distribution power transformers, standard products and customized
Transformers with a rated output of up to 20MVA and voltage up to 36kV
Rectifier Transformers ( for frequency converters )
Transformers for photovoltaic and wind power plants
Transformers for AC / DC industrial applications and electric traction
HV / MV transformers

Ecodesign solution ( standard, iec and reduce losses )


Oil transformers (hermetic, with conservator)
Oil transformers with a nominal output of up to 10MVA and voltage up to 36kV
low losses


Instrument measuring current and voltage transformers
current transformers with rated current up to 3000A
toroid type current transformer with a rated current up to 20 000A
voltage transformers 36kV with / without fuse
designed for revenue metering / protection
approved type gauges Czech Metrological Institute (CMI)

References around the world 

  • More than 50.000 installations of transformer TESAR around the world.
  • Hospitals, stadiums, ports, wind, hydroelectric and thermal power plants, public buildings, photovoltaic systems, metro, trams, railways.
  • Airports, infrastructure

Fotogalerie - TESAR - transformers

factory Tesar - Italy Arezzo production production production production cast resin transformer cast resin transformer 2MVA with housing cast resin transformer 9MVA cast resin transformer  1MVA - 6-22/0,4kV cast resin transformer 12MVA with forced cooling hermetical transformer hermetical transformer special terminals oil transformer with conservator oil transformer with conservator oil transformer with conservator oil transformer with conservator 3D model hermetical small transformer oil transformer with conservator portfolio of instrument transformers voltage instrument transformer  VCA voltage instrument transformer  VCB voltage instrument transformer  VF with fuse torodial current transformer AO support current transformer  AA Casr resin IP23 with LV switchboard Casr resin IP23 with LV switchboard WP_20140115_009 WP_20140115_013 WP_20140115_014 WP_20140115_015 WP_20140115_016 WP_20140115_017 WP_20140115_018 WP_20140115_019 WP_20140115_020 WP_20140115_021 WP_20140115_023

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