Finnish manufacturer of passive compensation components and devices. Cooperation with our company dates back to 2003. The advantage of the manufacturing plant in Tampere is the design, manufacture of components (capacitors and inductors (reactors)) and the proposal of complete systems SVC (static variable compensator ) or serial compenzator to 750kV from one supplier.


Manufacturer product profile :

      High voltage capacitors to 1Mvar and 14kV, three-phase to 6,6kV in one container

      • Compensation capacitor banks to 1000Mvar and 750kV

      • Current limiting reactors 

      • Filter reactors (harmonic filters)

      • Starting reactors (starting engines in the hundreds MW)

      • Shunt reactors, compensation reactors (decompensation reactors / chokes) to 50kV and 50Mvar

      • thyristor-controlled reactors compensation tens Mvar

      • Neutral reactors (quenching reactor - choke)

      • Switching reactors (current limiter)

      • Tunned filters

      • SVC static variable compensators

    • Serial compensation SC


Selected references in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic:


1) the supply of filter compensating equipment for railways Slovak Republic ZSR total of 8 stations filter 3 and 5 harmonic filter and decompensation shunt reactor  (2 x 6Mvar) 25kV 50Hz 1 phase

2) ČEPS - Czech electricity transmission system ( TSO ) - substation 400 / 110kV Sokolnice, client EGE - assembly - delivery 3 piece shunt reactors 30Mvar / 33kV (90Mvar)

3) SEPS - Slovak electricity transmission system ( TSO ) - substation 400 / 110kV Stupava, customer ELEKTROVOD - delivery of 6 pcs shunt reactors 15Mvar / 10kV and 3 pcs of short circuit limiting reactors 5000A / 10kV



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