ARCTEQ ( arc flash protection )


Finnish manufacturer of arc flash digital protections and multifunctional terminals protections for energy and industry.

ARCTEQ company founded by former employees of the company VAMP and in 2010 on the basis of experience, came up with a new range of flash 100 series protection and digital protections  200 series and 300.

Protection are to:

1) The arc protection AQ series 100

2) distribution Protection Series AQ 200

3) Distribution Protection Series AQ 300



Fotogalerie - ARCTEQ ( arc flash protection )

Obrázek1 Obrázek2 Obrázek10 Obrázek9 101004 AQ100 modified2 sd 101001 AQ 110 Obrázek8 101002 AQ101 Obrázek6 IMG_2701 terävin3 101006 AQ sensors Obrázek14 Obrázek15 120605 Arcteq 101 and 101D 120608 Arcteq AQ01

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